Huge Crowd Management, A Simple One!

2:43 PM
By mentioned huge, obviously it would be a massive, big number, large. Extra!

Sure thing is, today that no longer become a problem, a nightmare, for an event organizer, a challenge maybe but not at the scale that would be scarred them too many sleepless nights. At the past, when seeing number, the organizer would show two kinds of reactions, a hope and an uneasiness. As a hope because when we talk about a huge crowd that would meant to be something, a sales-up, number of revenue, an amazingly profitable source of income balance. Then the uneasiness will follow, even there is a sweet promise beyond the number, but it contains tons of problems behind. Talking on the number of people who would get lost, lost their tickets, lost their belonging, lost their credit cards, the amount of refreshment that should be supplied during the event, the never ending queue lines to go to toilet, ATMs and so on and so on. A quite scary lines, words of nightmare that need a solution.
Huge Crowd Management
Illustration. Photoright: Gerd Altmann /
But then DANG!!! The solution is simple, need to underline the conception of the solution word here, it means that there is an effort to minimize, prevent to the lowest level of the possibility for the occurrences of that bad experiences above.

It is the RFID, the use of radio frequency identification tag to the crowd management. How exactly the method works? It is simple and will surprise you. The RFID tag will distribute to the guests at the form of a wristband, which could be used as an access inside the event venue and the payment tools inside. At the entrance gate, you only need to tap it to the reader machine, cut off line, get in the venue, swipe again to purchase your drink, and the reader will automatically deduct tour credits that already toped up before.

An easy-peasy solution that being introduce by PouchNation to Asia Event!